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Welcome to Ogi’s Bakery and Deli!

If you are looking for a place to enjoy both a pleasant atmosphere, an incredibly tasty meal and a kindly greeting, you have found it! This is Ogi’s Bakery and Deli, which has been a restaurant since 2008 – a treasure trove of endless appetizing and interesting delicacies prepared on the spot by the hands of Ogi and Dora.

The varied menu options are specially designed to satisfy even the most demanding taste, and the fresh products are of highest quality. We offer homemade sausages, sandwiches with and without meat, hand-decorated cakes and pastries, and even gluten-free cakes.

Here you can taste typical European dishes, but you can also buy fresh sandwiches that are tailored for those of you who have a fast-paced lifestyle whose limited time we highly value. We guarantee that once you taste our final products, you will return every day for more and more. Because there’s a secret ingredient that we always use, and it is … LOVE. Everything we do we do for you, our dear customers. And every food we prepare for you here is made with a lot of attention and tons of love. Love for food, love for life, love for the person standing in front of us. And we believe that by purchasing a fresh bread, sandwich or cake, you will feel the same magic like us.

Where to find us

From Bulgaria to America- a long journey which has given us the opportunity to make even more people happy with the delicious specialties we prepare. Welcome to our nice and cozy restaurant Ogi’s Bakery and Deli, located at the following address: 1651 west Eldorado Parkway Mckinney, TX 75069

Our Sausages

Making raw home sausage is a somewhat lost art, which requires dedication, craftsmanship and attention to detail. А good result is a balance between meat and spices, as well as moderate salinity. There are, of course, some intricacies in technology that should also be addressed. It is very important that the mince is mixed for at least 10 minutes to obtain an emulsion of fat, liquid and protein, so that after baking the sausage remains juicy and does not shrink.

We have gained a lot of experience throughout the years and vision ourselves as artists when it comes to creating the perfect sausage. We firmly believe that our customers deserve the best and we are there to offer it.

Our Cakes

Sweet cakes are a whole art that you learn for life because their variety is endless. We present to you our own home-made cakes, made especially for you! You love carrot cake? We have it! You live for cheesecake? We make fresh ones! From a strawberry cream cake to garash, from traditional taste to modern varieties on a special recipe- – we have something for each one of you.

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Client’s Testimonial
 by Keith Pearce on Ogi's Bakery And Deli
McKinney: You're Missing Out

Easily the most delicious deli and bakery in McKinney and with the most gracious hosts around. You're missing out, McKinney. Try Ogi's!!

Ogi's Bakery and Deli
Address: 1651 west Eldorado Parkway Mckinney, TX 75069
Phone: 972 548 9594

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