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Planning and preparing a healthy menu is not an easy task, but the effort is definitely worth it. If you are a fan of the healthy kitchen or healthy lifestyle, or you just want to try something new and different (and, we can assure you, very tasty!)  you are more than welcome to visit our bakery where part of the weekend specialties are devoted to these types of meals.

But what is meant under “healthy food”?

It is not easy to give a clear definition of this. First of all, this is a balanced portion containing freshly prepared food and fresh resources used to make it. There are also some types of foods that are generally considered healthy or are seen as such, when prepared in a certain way, and in particular:

  • The well-cleaned and well baked or grilled meat is acknowledged as “healthy”, and we can certainly offer you a wide range of home-made meat specialties.
  • All foods that have been prepared with a minimum amount of fat, where olive, grape seed of rice oil is used instead of common oil, butter is used instead of margarine, natural vegetable fats- instead of certain products containing the entire Mindelell table.
  • Cereal products and fiber-rich food. Our whole grain bread, for example, is among the highest quality and healthiest ones because of the high content of whole grains in it.
  • Gluten-free cakes and other healthy desserts – modern tastes can be very healthy-oriented, so we try to diversify our menu by including healthier specialties and sweet things with fewer calories in them

The advantages of a healthy diet and a healthy meal are endless but  we will try to point out the most significant ones among them:

  • Improves digestion, produces acidity in the stomach and helps maintain healthy stomach lining. Well-balanced menu is extremely important for every organism.
  • Foods and products considered “healthy” have antioxidant properties that help protect the body from the effects of environmental pollution.
  • Green vegetables (such as kale, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc.) can help develop healthy cells and thus prevent development of cancer and other illnesses.
  • Such foods are extremely benefitial and mild after and against heart failure and other heart problems.

Even if you are not very keen on healthy meals (yetl), we will still be waiting for you on Saturday and Sunday to join us and try out some of our finest delicacies. We can assure you that the experience is worth it!