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Some have been in existence for many years, others for only two or three. The good thing is that it is because they offer real and homemade fresh bread. They also offer something more – colorful taste and culinary diversity on the background of gray industrial food. Yes, we are talking about the small but very attractive bakeries all around the European countries. Whether it is a bagel that you want to buy, or maybe sweet bread- these bakeries seem to have everything there. And it actually should not be a surprise considering the fact that all delicious products come from the experienced hands of the bakers.

Typically, this form of art, because it is indeed an incredible art, is being passed from generation to generation for many years. In this way old recipes are not lost, but new ones make they way to the top, as well. In the countless small and bigger European bakeries the baguettes, bread, croissants and other baked goods are prepared and baked in front of customers in an attractive way. Bread is prepared with leaven, not yeast. Croissants are made with butter. Everything is fresh, delicious and feels like home.

Throughout the past few years the European traditions in baking are moved abroad, to many different countries outside of Europe. We are one example- our family bakery/restaurant offers typical European, and in particular, Bulgarian baked goods, among with much more healthy, tasty and unique food specialties. You are more than welcome to try them!